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Equine Breeding & Reproduction

At Pacific Crest Equine, we offer equine reproductive management services for your breeding program, from pre-breeding evaluations to embryo transfers and critical foal care.

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Equine Breeding Management

Whether it's your first time breeding your horse, or you are a seasoned pro, our reproductive management services can help.

Our ultrasound-guided evaluations will follow your mare through her cycle to determine your best chance at breeding. We will help you hormonally control her cycle to optimize your breeding program.

At Pacific Crest Equine, we offer convenient boarding options to ensure your mare is properly looked after during her pregnancy and your beautiful foal is delivered safely.

Equine breeding & reproduction, San Joaquin Valley Vets

Breeding Services at Our Clinic

At Pacific Crest Equine, we offer the following reproductive services you need to produce and maintain the healthiest foal. 

Please note that patients must be trailered to our hospital for all breeding and reproduction-related services.

  • Stallion Management

    Our reproductive center offers stallion breeding services. We stand stallions at our facility and assist owners in selecting a stallion management plan and breeding program.

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  • Advanced Reproductive Procedures

    We provide advanced procedures that may have benefit in managing certain mares and stallions such as: hormone evaluation and therapy, video endoscopy, uterine therapy, low number sperm artificial insemination, and more.

  • Embryo Transfers

    Mares are bred, flushed for embryo collection, and transferred to recipients at our facility. We can also ship collected embryos to outside breeding facilities for implantation.

  • Pre-Breeding Evaluation

    Evaluation of the mare to assess fertility may include rectal palpation, ultrasonography, uterine culture, uterine cytology, endometrial biopsy, video endoscopy, as well as other diagnostic procedures.

  • Stallion Breeding Soundness Examination and Collection

    Evaluation of the stallion to determine fertility and quality of semen. We use the latest technology available to produce quality cooled and frozen semen for stallion owners. Training for novice stallions on the dummy mount also available.

  • Mare Management

    Every year we provide breeding services and fertility management to a large number of mares. We are equipped with both in-hospital and portable ultrasound machines to evaluate mares both in our Exeter clinic and at your farm. Below are some of the reproductive services we offer:

      • Breeding Soundness Examinations: Reproductive tract ultrasonography, uterine culture and biopsies, videoendoscopy, hormone assays and therapy
      • Artificial Insemination: Fresh, cooled or frozen semen
      • Sub-fertile Mare Management: Hormonal therapy, uterine lavage, uterine infusions, and laser endometrial cyst reduction.
      • Pregnancy Management: Ultrasonic pregnancy diagnosis and staging twin reductions, transabdominal fetal monitoring, and ultrasonic placental evaluation.
      • Embryo Transfers: Embryo harvesting and non-surgical implantation procedures or embryo shipping
      • Reproductive Surgery: Caslicks, rectal-vaginal tear reconstruction, and cesarian sections.

    We offer large 12' × 24' stalls, available 24-hour video monitoring systems, or pasture turnout. Mares boarded at our facility for foaling will be constantly monitored by video. When foaling is imminent, our veterinarian will be by the mare’s side to assist if foaling becomes difficult, ensuring both the foal’s and dam’s well-being.

    We have an ICU unit dedicated to the care of critically ill or compromised foals and their dams. Our neonatal fellowship-trained veterinarian watches critical foals around the clock.

Artificial Insemination for Horses

Artificial insemination, available at our San Joaquin Valley equine hospital, offers huge benefits for breeders.

It allows for more genetic selection from studs all over the world allowing you to breed your mare without the need to travel.

Beyond convenience, you are also protecting the mare from the costs and hazards of travel and potential exposure to infectious disease and injury.

Travel and changing facilities are stressful too, and a stressed mare is less likely to be fertile.

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