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Regenerative Therapy

Our vets are proud to offer regenerative therapy as a safe and effective alternative to traditional joint injections and other more invasive treatment options offered to San Joaquin Valley horses.

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What is Equine Regenerative Therapy?

Regenerative therapy uses biological agents that originate in the horse such as blood or bone marrow as a treatment for damaged tissue. Once processed, these products are re-injected into the horse to promote healing at specific sites of injury.

Regenerative therapies are thought to improve the overall quality of healing by telling the damaged tissue to repair itself at the cellular level.

Our San Joaquin Valley vets are proud to offer a number of regenerative therapy techniques to help heal your horse safely and effectively.

Equine Regenerative Therapy, San Joaquin Valley Vets

What We Offer at Pacific Crest Equine

There are a number of different treatments our vets can use to help your horses heal and perform at the highest level. 

Why Choose Regenerative Therapy

Our vets believe that minimally invasive treatment is the best option whenever possible. With regenerative therapy, we can minimize the impact that treatment might have on your horse's system.

Only recently has science advanced enough that we can tap into the body’s natural healing ability, extract the very cells responsible for growing new tissues, and use them to treat injuries and soothe pain.

Our treatment options allow your horses to help heal themselves with a little bit of our help.

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